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Mimo is about to revolutionize the kid's tech industry.


Give your baby a smart start.

Our next generation of baby monitors at Hubble Connected allow local and remote viewing, so you can keep an eye on your loved ones wherever you are via compatible smartphones and tablets using the HubbleClub app.

*Nursery Pal Premium baby camera shown above

Never Miss a Moment

Our Wi-Fi connected baby monitors let you see your baby from the hand-held viewer, or from your smartphone. Watch over and communicate with your baby from anywhere in the world.

NEW_HubbleClub_Video Stream_Baby_camera

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World's First Face Mask with Built-in Earbuds

MaskFone combines protection, convenience, and technology and embodies this in one stylish, high-quality package. MaskFone features replaceable PM2.5 and N95/FFP2 filters, a built-in microphone, and earphones, reducing the need to remove your mask in public.

Browse the official MaskFone website to learn more.

Mimo is About to Revolutionize the Kid’s Tech Industry.

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